Like Schumann, Tchaikovsy and Sibelius, Alex is a musician who studied law.  Unfortunately for him, that's where the similarities end.   But seriously folks....

Born in 1973, Alex began playing the piano at age 4 and studied for 15 years with

Yvonne Brain L.R.A.M., wife of the legendary French Horn player Dennis Brain and herself a pupil of Harold Craxton.


Educated at Oxford University, Alex maintained his musical career as a pianist, performer and arranger while also pursuing a professional career in law.


He has performed extensively around the UK as a soloist, with chamber groups and with orchestras and as an accompanist. He is also a keen stand-up comic and event host.


He talks with audiences during his concerts to explain pieces and their meaning while injecting everything with a healthy dose of humour.

You can see some playing and teaching on his YouTube Channel