Elizabeth's Legacy of Hope (ELoH) provides vital support for children who have lost their limbs through war, accidents, and lack of access to medical care.



Thousands of young amputees in developing countries suffer every day, with little or no access to vital medical assistance, social support or education. As a result, they face life-threatening infections, struggle to move around, and are isolated from society.


Inspired by the resilience and courage of Pollyanna Hope, who lost her leg aged two in a terrible bus accident in the UK, ELoH’s mission is to bring hope and opportunity to some of the most vulnerable child amputees in the world.


Through the generosity of its supporters, ELoH has already changed the lives of over 250 child amputees in Tanzania, Sierra Leone and Liberia, and has trained an orthopaedic surgeon who has treated over 1,000 young disabled patients. The organisation provides new limbs, surgery, education, and advocacy so that every child it supports has the opportunity to fulfil their potential.


ELoH believes all child amputees deserve to live a happy and healthy life. Your help can bring it closer to making this happen.

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