Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope (ELofH) has been inspired by twin sisters Sarah Hope and Victoria Bacon. Sarah’s daughter lost a leg in a horrific traffic accident when she was just two years old.  Her mother Elizabeth died at the scene of the accident and Sarah, too, was badly injured. 


Since that day, the Hope family have discovered what it means to receive the best care in the world and, albeit with some difficulty, Sarah’s little girl Pollyanna can walk, jump, skip and therefore play, just like her friends.

But thousands of children in developing countries don’t have access to good quality care and support.  As a result, they struggle every day as a result of limb loss.  They suffer because of the injustice of malnutrition, accidents, landmines, illness and violence.

In memory of Elizabeth, who was kind and selfless in the time and energy that she gave to others, ELofH is working to help these children, giving them the prosthetic limbs and the support they need so that they can have a free and happy childhood.