Performance Mishaps

No shame here for any of these phenomenal performers.  Rather this demonstrates the pitfalls and bad luck that the live performer bravely faces!

Cough drop, anyone?

Clap trap

The legendary Vladimir Horowitz live at Carnegie Hall in 1966.  Here is the last minute of a heart-rending performance of Chopin's Nocturne in E minor, wrecked by a cougher!

The legendary Artur Rubinstein live in Moscow in 1964.  The audience isn't meant to applaud but they loved the first movement.  Unusual to see a pianist chastise the audience!

The broken string

The fabulous Boris Berezovsky playing one of Liszt's demanding Transcendental Etudes live in 2002 at La Roque d'Antheron.  But does he know his own strength?!