CVery Best Piano Music for Relaxing

Audio CD | 2014


Pianist - Alex Ainley



 Born in 1973, Alex began playing the piano at age 4 and studied for 15 years under Yvonne Brain L.R.A.M., wife of the legendary French Horn player Dennis Brain and herself a pupil of Harold Craxton.


Educated at Oxford University, Alex maintained his musical career as a pianist, performer and writer while also pursuing a successful career in law.


He has played with chamber groups and orchestras, as an accompanist and in countless solo concerts around the UK, often in aid of charities for whom he has raised considerable amounts of money.  He is passionate about communicating music and removing the formality and pomposity that is sometimes associated with classical music.  He talks with audiences during his concerts to explain pieces and their meaning while injecting everything with a healthy dose of humour.


He has been featured on Classic FM, most recently to promote a charity concert in 2013.



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